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How to reset Push notification App badge number on iPhone App

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I just called again and the guy had NO idea what I was talking about. I told him to go read this string of comments on THEIR site. And that this has been an issue for over 3 years. He said okay and hung up on me. Worst customer service ever!
Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera



I never heard back from anyone at Netegar/Arlo (really bad customer service). After having over 7000 notifications I figured what would happen if I decided to change my email/profile setting. I changed the email address from to and for some reason I was then completely locked out of the system. The system was still running since another family member had access.


I then proceed to reset the base station; set everything back up as new. I used my previous email (orginial setup) and setup the other cameras. Of course that would wipe out all the recordings on the cloud; I have an external USB drive hooked up to the station to keep the recordings locally as well.


The setup completed without issues; the cloud recordings were removed but my notification issue has now been FIXED. I've did some testing and the notificaton counter is working properly.



I ended up resolving this issue myself. Arlo customer service personnel couldn't help me, and never found the solution here in the community, so I had to be my own detective. For me it all started when a family member granted me access to their cameras. After removing me, my badge app count got as high as 357. I found what was going on, and I am back to normal again. No ridiculously high numbers. I am going to post the link here for you, and to help anyone else that stumbles upon this thread.


This is the title to search for in case the link doesn’t work:

Solved: iOS Arlo app badge icon number increasing and unable to clear or reset