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How do I set UP Arlo in IOS "Do not disturb" mode?

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(Subject; Solution to night alerts/iOS - Bypass Do Not Disturb AND 30 sec. alarm, (no 3rd party app necessary)

 looks like a good workaround !


For iPhone users, here is the solution to (a) keep your Do Not Disturb secure so that you can sleep through the night, and (b) actually set an alarm to wake you up if an intruder comes by.  This is a work around for not having a different notification option through the Arlo app, one that lasts longer and can be customized.  IFTTT and other third-party apps do not work well.  Just follow these four steps on each device.  Just follow these four steps on each device.



Must first login as admin (on any device) and enable Email Alerts for each event that you want this to work with.  So if you have a rule called "Night time" and have two areas of motion or sound detection, make sure you check email alerts on both of them.  When you enable the Email Alerts, use the chart that has already been provided regarding phone carriers.  You should Google your carrier's Email to SMS Gateway to confirm these are still accurate or check yours if it isn't on the list; I’m re-posting the one from earlier in the post here.  Just be sure to enable the email notifications and put in the correct phone number and email format.  I would recommend checking it by setting off your motion detector and confirming you receive a text message about it.



Email to SMS Gateway


[10-digit phone number]

AT&T (formerly Cingular)

[10-digit phone number] [10-digit phone number] (MMS) [10-digit phone number]

Boost Mobile

[10-digit phone number]

Nextel (now Sprint Nextel)

[10-digit telephone number]

Sprint PCS (now Sprint Nextel)

[10-digit phone number] [10-digit phone number] (MMS)


[10-digit phone number]

US Cellular

[10-digit phone number] (SMS) [10-digit phone number] (MMS)


[10-digit phone number] [10-digit phone number] (MMS)

Virgin Mobile USA

[10-digit phone number]



After that is completed, go to your iPhone Contacts.  Create a new contact with any name (a good one would be Arlo Alert, so let’s go with that for this.)  Name the new contact Arlo Alert.  Press the edit button.


In edit mode, create a new email address, and it needs to be exact:



While still in Edit Mode under your new contact called Arlo Alert, select Text Tone.  At the very top of the next screen, Select Emergency Bypass (this allows the bypassing of Do Not Disturb Mode.)



Now go down to where it says Alert Tone.  I would recommend skipping this section because Alert Tones will not wake you up and last about five seconds.  Instead, proceed down to Ringtones (yes, you can use a Ringtone for your texts if you set it up this way.)  Select your Ringtone, which is essentially a 30 second alarm, and there are a lot of options.  I chose “Alarm” from the Classic menu at the bottom, but you can’t really go wrong here.  You are setting up an alert, disguised as a RingTone, in whatever style you want, to let you know that your Arlo has detected something. 


Save your changes so that your new contact, Arlo Alert, is permanently set to Emergency Bypass and is assigned a ringtone alarm.  Go ahead and put your phone on Do Not Disturb.  Go set off your motion detection.  There is a slight delay sometimes (maybe 30 seconds), maybe better if on cellular, as this process takes a little extra time to complete it’s cycle.

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Re: How do I set UP Arlo in IOS "Do not disturb" mode?

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