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Re: Different Schedules on Different Cameras?

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Mooeee Tutor

I'm also a programmer and totally agree. Up til  now, my Arlo experience has been very good.  Simple, easy,,, but now,  I've spent the past  hour to try and setup 2 schedules one for each of my cameras.  This should be a trivial piece of functionality to implement,  the developer(s) on this need to rip it up and start over if you ask me!

TazHawaii Initiate

I get my batteries from - not a bad price when order a bunch at a time.

manofice Virtuoso

Well done Mustang2007

transam75 Aspirant

Thanks Mustang2007!!  This post is a year old and it still stands the test of time.  Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.  I was struggling for a while trying to figure this out.

Mooeee Tutor

Replying to my own post here, but I found the android app much easier to use in order to create two differenent schedules for the two cameras.  One important thing is you cannot set one sched that spans pm-am hours, for example, between 8pm and 6:30am.  You need to do two separate schedules e.g.  8pm-11:59pm, then 12Am-6:30am for a given camera.  Would be better if you could do the former.  Since  I got things working from the Android app, haven't revisited the website configuration, I think it was a lot more difficult!

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Mooeee Tutor

The key for me was realizing there is one schedule per MODE.  Within a mode, you can add multiple cameras (with their specific actions), and all cameras in that mode will follow whatever schedule you define for the mode.   


If you want one of the cameras in a given mode to activate outside of that mode's schedule, create yet a new mode, add that camera (and its actions) and define a separate schedule for that new mode. 


This is all very confusing, I hope I've helped here and not added to the mayhem!!

Lisey Star
I'm really struggling with this: any chance someone can map this out for me please?
4 cameras: 2 outside, 2 inside.
I want outdoor1 and outdoor2 on motion activation at all times 24/7. I want the 2 inside ones to be geofenced on away =armed and home =disarmed.
What settings rules and modes do I need to setup please?
Guru jguerdat Guru

Create one new mode for Home with only the outdoor cameras in it (any camera without a rule is disarmed).  Create the new mode and add a camera.  Save and reedit the mode to add the second camera.  In GF, set the Armed mode to be used when Away and your new mode when Home.

Lisey Star
Thank you SOOO much - that is perfect instruction, clear and easy to understand. Thankyou very much.