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Re: The New Arlo™ App Makes Your Smart Home Even Smarter

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The Update Makes everthing worse not better !!!
Community Manager
Community Manager



The update must be installed in order to utilize the changes made to the new Arlo interface. We value your feedback and are taking your concerns into consideration. I encourage you to post any issues you may have. Is there a specific issue you are having with the update?




The new app/firmware seems to take a step back in many areas.  For example, I have rules to record on motion in either 10 second or 30 second intervals.  When a recording takes place post-update, the recording lasts 14 or 34 seconds.  Why is it doing that now?


Secondly, what person designed the iOS app?  When you go to delete a recording, the font for the continue button is smaller and the cancel button is in bold font and slightly larger?  It looks ridiculous.  A third grader could have made this look better.  Better yet, was there any QA testing prior to this app release?


Lastly, the Android app.  When you select your library to view your recordings, the view automatically switches to landscape mode, with the inability to view it in portrait.  This is terrible and reduced functionality from the previous app version.


These new issues aren't even related to the previous (and still existent) issues on the random timeouts, app crashes, having to close/reopen the app to change modes, etc.