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[Potential Fix] Red Tint on VMC3030

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Had a camera get the dreaded red tint. Steps from chat support as follows:
1) Remove batteries
2) Unplug base station power cord
3) Wait 3 minutes
4) Put batteries back in camera
5) Plug base station in
6) Wait for green status indicators for power, internet connection and devices
7) Hold sync button on base station for 3 seconds
😎 Hold sync button on camera for 3 seconds
9) Log out of Arlo app
10) Log back into Arlo app
11) Check camera video. Mine finally started working properly again.

Of note, the FAQ page only mentions removing the batteries then putting them back in. That seems to be a soft reset, which sometimes solves the problem. The 11-step process seems to be a full reboot of the camera.

I'm rocking the Arlo Wire-Free system.


Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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FYI, the pink issue is the IR filter stuck in place.... other than reset of the camera ( pull batteries ) not much else will do the trick.... it is a mechanical issue not sw.


Other solutions are 1) gently tapping the camera on hard surface 2) some have mentioned a magnet on side of camera 


Some times it takes multi resets to free the stuck filter...if it happens again, and cam is less than a yr old, look into warranty 


Morse is faster than texting!
Yea, I had tried everything besides the magnet and multiple battery remove/reinstall before finally calling support. This was the exact process they had me execute and it got the camera working again. Not sure if it was the ultimate coincidence, but I've run this process again on a different camera that went red and it worked again. More time intensive but seems to be more reliable for getting the picture back to normal color.
Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera