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Pixelated thumbnail - Live stream has green screen

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I still see this issue with the original Arlo and Pro 2 in iOS app in my iPhone 6+ (iOS v12.4.9) with a few online and downloaded video recordings. The recordings were from close by cameras too. I even saw one long video that froze. I noticed if I watch the same videos in my decade old, updated 64-bit W7 HPE SP1 PC, then I don't see those problems. Just pixelations and blurriness.

I have not tried anything since it just started happening after years of use
Nothing has been solved by Arlo support. Why was this thread marked as solved? Saying it’s data loss or corruption is obvious, not a solution!

Arlo corrupted the function of a decent product. This thread confirms there is a problem created by recent updates. After months, there is no correction, so Arlo is intentionally forcing customers to their subscription plan. We paid for a product with local storage, but Arlo retroactively disabled it and tells us to “upgrade” to the subscription model for storage. They are simply phasing old users out.

If the problem is not acknowledged or corrected by the end of the year, I’m moving to Eufy, Blink, Wyze or Ring. I recommend not giving Netgear or Arlo any consideration in the future.