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Is it possible to change the wifi channel?

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ittroll Apprentice

Nah, having the ability to specify the channel would be much simpler than reconfiguring/rewiring the physical topology of your home network.

Guru jguerdat Guru

Well, that's not possible so you still have the same choices.

ittroll Apprentice

Yeah, but it not ideal and for some not even a viable option. I recommend people vote up the idea to make this configurable.


JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

As suggested above by ittroll, I encourage those in this discussion that would like to see this feature implemented to visit the Arlo Idea Exchange (the topic linked by ittroll) and provide your support for this idea by adding Kudos. This is the best way to indicate to the development team which ideas are the most necessary/popular.



fototx Star

I voted this up but I am not so sure an issue like this should entirely dependant upon the democratic proecess in order to be addresssed by your product manager.   End users dont know why their cameras wont sync, wont come backonline, demonstrate pixelation et al. Its not a question to the end user of whether a button should be red or green, big or little, placed here or there in an app.  I hope there is some channel selection flexibility built it next round of develpment.  Netgear may find it a useful and efficient troubleshooting tool for first line support as well.