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Re: Internet connection is lost. Geofencing in Arlo is unavailable at the moment.

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jpottaway Apprentice

Just keep posting your frustrations in public forums they participate on.  Twitter is good.  This account:


Their spin master CEO:


Leave 1 star reviews for the app etc.  

Rwf3820 Guide
Ok Arlo have used an update 2:12 overnight let’s see if that works
JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

A new version of the Arlo mobile app for iOS is now available resolving several issues with Geofencing, please make sure you have the latest version of the mobile app installed and take a look at the release notes here: Arlo iOS App - 2.12 - 13th December 2019

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Boomer_1 Apprentice

I downloaded 2.12 earlier this morning on both of our phones. It actually worked for the first time. However I will wait a bit as it has worked before. Bit at least it worked and did not arm me in my own home. Once I get 10 successes or so I will feel more confident. Course they are  coming up on their normal 2 month clearing time.

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LoneZwolf2 Apprentice
Will give it a few days and report back. Installed this morning and updated my iOS as well to 13.3

Didn’t arm when I went to work today but when I opened the app, I forgot I had manually disarmed a few days ago because it wouldn’t disarm itself then. Lol. Great, no security for a few days. Hmph.

Anyway, I am not very hopeful, too many disappointments, but I’ll give it a try for a few days and report back. Thanks for telling us about the update.
Maxch Aspirant
Installed the new Arlo version 2.12 and worked for the first time some minutes ago. Let’s see in the next days if it is the definitive solution or not.
Elmar2001 Star

Same here. First test passed successfully. Hope that the bug is fixed now. That would be great.

Ching44 Aspirant

So far not so good.  Downloaded the updates and when I left the home zone it did arm correctly; however, when I returned to the home zone it did not disarm.  I wish I had never bought this system.  Nothing but problems with geofencing.