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Re: I've had it with this ARLO system

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product is very DEFECTIVE.  WE ARE NET CHUMPS, welcome to the elite club.

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station

since there are more happy customers here to help than people having issues, I think the product overall works.

There are people who don't know how to make the product do what they want it to

There are people who want the product do things it can't

There are people who have issues that can be helped by forum users or technical support

and there are people who have hardware issues and need either cams or base stations swapped out. (I fell into that group)



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1. There are definitely some faulty products hitting the market, especially cameras with the pink images. Luckily, Netgear are more than happy to replace them.

2. There are definitely shortcomings with a battery operated system that people are generally not aware of nor understanding of before they buy and it may not suit everyone's needs. I'm definitely glad there is the option of rechargeable batteries recommended by Netgear and can't wait til Arlo Pro hits my part of the world. 

3. There are definitely some very shirty people who post about it being junk and threaten to return it who in reality plain just don't understand how to use the technology. Sometimes some help from the community allows them to realise what they need to do to get working but sometimes they don't have the patience or nouse to get them to the point of operation. Other times, they're just angry because it doesn't suit their needs and they genuinely would be better off with a different system

I definitely see a lot of angry posters falling into category 3