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Fixing 'newer version of flash required' in Chrome!

I used to be able to view videos online (logged into, but now both Chrome and Firefox both are showing the 'newer version of flash is required' message - but both are completely up to date.

Given that everyone is trying to get away from Flash, I realized that I had to explicitly enable it for

Solution for Chrome:

Firefox doesn't have the same site specific whitelisting capability, so I decided I'd just use Chrome.

Hopefully this helps someone else.


Note to Netgear product manager: PLEASE get rid of the requirement for Flash! The movement to ditch Flash is old news!


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Re: Fixing 'newer version of flash required' in Chrome!

That's strange. Mine works fine. What versions of each are you running?

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Re: Fixing 'newer version of flash required' in Chrome!

Firefox 53.0.3, 32 bit (Windows 10 Home 1703 on this Surface 3 tablet I'm testing on) gives the warning on the Devices page and will not play a live stream. However, recorded sessions on the Library page will play.

Chrome 59.0.3071.86, 32 bit acts the same unless I add to the whitelist on chrome://settings/content 

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