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Can Cloud Storage Keep Videos Indefinitely?

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I see explanations of the various service plans and that Elite has "60 days of cloud storage."   But my question is if I can keep videos indefinitely - stored in the cloud - longer than 60 days?


Does the 60 days of cloud storage mean that after 60 days, past videos are automatically deleted?  Or does it mean the total duration of videos stored in the cloud can be up to 60 days worth of recording time?


With my current VueZone system on an Elite plan, I can keep videos indefinitely, so I have videos back several years ago.  I like being able to refer back in time to events that were triggered.


Thanks for any explanation.


Guru TomMac Guru

The elite plan for Arlo will keep videos for 60 days, on the 61st, the 1st day of videos are deleted to the recycle bin for aprox 2 weeks ( supposed to be 7 days but house-keeping is slow )


To keep them forever, download those you want.

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