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Calling customer support

WOW!  Customer support is horrible.  I called and explained my issue multiple times (I have an elite plan and suddenly it went to basic and could not see 5 of my cameras) Really not that hard or complicated.  The customer support person would repeat "my problem" back to be wrong.  


I asked to speak to a supervisor and she wanted to know why before she transferred. I told her I felt she was incompetent. She then said she would have to check to see if a supervisor was present. Not surprisingly I was just left on hold forever. 


Really bad service. 


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Re: Calling customer support

I can’t even find a number to call customer service!
Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Calling customer support

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Re: Calling customer support

Hi @Blums,


I have sent you a private message to gather more information from you.

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