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Records nothing

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So here I am again, I don't understand why changing my email address would also make me sign in using a different name? Making a new account on the boards seems weird? Its the same person here for 4 years! OK here we Go....

So I originally posted about arlo going off and not recording a thing. Absolutely nothing is there! No birds, no wind, no spiders, no nothing! Keeps happening and its annoying plus its draining my batteries. 

So I don't know what's going on, anyone else get recordings of nothing several times a day?

Master Master

If you suspect a camera is triggering and recording but there is nothing triggering it, put the camera in drawer overnight. This will absolutely guarantee there is nothing triggering it. What motion sensitivity setting is the camera set at?

Most of my "recordings of nothing" are because a bird has flown by. The bird has triggered the motion detection but by the time the camera starts recording, the bird is long gone out of the shot.

I’m aware when I have birds, my neighbor has a bird feeder and I can hear them.
This incident along with the others don’t have birds, I’m home and I can see what’s going on outside. It usually happens after I’ve gone out for a while and come home. It will start recording within 30 min or so numerous times after I’m indoors. .. No birds.
I’ve seen bees, spiders, birds, and Arlo always catches them.
This ‘is different and my settings have been the same for 4 years. Never have I had a issue with my motion settings.
One day it was 10 times and I saw the camera without anything in its view. Just another mystery for now.
Maybe one day when it starts this I’ll stick it in a drawer while I’m home. It’s always daytime and never nighttime.

Happy Holidays!