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Arlo model VMS3130, live feed has not worked for 2 days.

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gillespie Tutor

I have a new Dell with windows 10 with google chrome.  It's been working just fine untl 2 days ago.  The live feed will not come on.  It keeps getting blocked.  My settings are set to Allow flash.  Why would this stop working all of a sudden?

manfredz Hero

does it work with another browser?

Master steve_t Master

I had to go into the Chrome Flash settings and specifically allow

Guru jguerdat Guru
rodewalr Aspirant

I experienced the same problem with my Chromebook.  It is clearly a browser problem.  Since the Chromebook uses a different version of the Chrome browser than the one used in Windows, the fix is slightly different.  For the Chromebook, type in chrome://flags.  Search for "flash" within the daunting list of options.  Switch the "allow flash" settings from default to enable.  Worked for me.

rodewalr Aspirant

P.S.:  Chromebook fix.  Seems you also have to do a full Chrome OS reset after enabling flash.  This is easy to do using the chrome://flags settings.

marcNZ Aspirant



I had trouble getting live images on my ACER laptop running latest windows and Firefox and similar on iMac running latest OS and Firefox, both with latest Flashplayer. So I tried Safari on the iMac...and it worked first time with no hesitation or issues...

Also runs great on my not sure what the problem is for the other setup.

Hope this helps someone.



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Guru jguerdat Guru

Did you enable Flash in the other browsers? As noted in many other threads, recent browser updates disable Flash by default - you have to enable it.

royaschroeder Aspirant

I have the ARLO app installed on my MacBook. The live feed feature previously worked but now it says I need to update the Flash driver. I have updated Flash several times to no avail. I get the same result when using FireFox ot Safari. Is the Arlo app just broken?

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Guru jguerdat Guru

The app doesn't use Flash. It's only required for browsers.


The latest browser updates turn Flash off, as reported in several threads here. You need to use the browser menu to enable Flash.