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Re: Arlo camera vs Arlo Pro

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Yes it is draining the batteries. I have 3 cameras all with rechargeable batteries with only one camera being magnetized having the battery drain at a faster rate than the other two cameras. And don't call me Stevie.
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What do you mean one camera is magnetised? All of the cameras are magnetised to allow them to be mounted to the ball / half ball mounts

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Magnets have no effect on batteries any more than magnets around your fuel line on your car increase gas mileage. 


In my opinion, while comparing Arlo camera and Arlo Pro, there's not a big difference and there's aren't many reasons for current Arlo owners to upgrade. Arlo camera provides like 80% of the Arlo Pro.


Can anyone share their experience with rechargeable batteries, specifically how long they last vs. activations? We have five cameras and leave our summer home for another during the winter. We can't just pop in and change batteries when they die. Last year I bought Panasonic batteries, used the optimum setting for battery, and only activated the cameras a few times a week. We also do t use the IR lights or motion detection. Batteries on all cameras lasted about ten months. I noticed when they went, it was pretty fast - from "half full" to near dead in one day. I wish the battery voltage measurement was more accurate. 


I also saw a battery eliminatore for Arlo, but can't figure out how you shut the battery compartment with wires sticking out. 


Thanls in advance!

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you won't find rechargeable batteries lasting as long as regular batteries, maybe 70-80% as long, so it you're getting 10 months out of regulars, it probably isn't worth switching.

If you find you're picking up more action, resulting in more recordings and shorter battery life, you might want to revisit for times you're available to swap out batteries.


ig name brand The problem you face is not rechargeable batteries or non-rechargeable. Its the cold that is causing the drain fast issue. Are the cameras inside or outside the home?


I live in MN we have our cameras outside our home year round in the winter some days the batteires are 0% dead because they are frozen, then when it warms up the batteries are back to 90% and working fine. in the summer months, we don't have any issues. I've been buying batteries online called "Ravpower"non-rechargeable because they last very long and are cheaper than most. Our big name brand Energiser Dur died in a few months of use.