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Arlo Notifications Question

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COtto1984 Initiate

I have our Arlo App setup for Geofencing. I granted access to my girlfriend whom I live with, but she does not want all of the "motion detected" notifications despite my best efforts to convince her otherwise. Therefore she turned notifcations completely off in her iPhone settings for the Arlo app. Everyonce in a while when I disarm the system or make changes in the app, the geofencing will stop working correctly on her phone. I believe normally, she is supposed to get a notification that she needs to re-open the Arlo app to sync settings or something along those lines. Since she has her notifications off, she doesn't get that notification.


So therefore my question is can we customize the notifications to where she only gets the notifcation that tells her to re-open the Arlo app, but not the motion detected notifications? I would like to continue to receive all notifcations on my phone.

Master steve_t Master

I don't think you can, sorry. She can only toggle them on or off through the phone settings.

But 1. Ensure she has background refresh for the app on
2. Ensure she has no apostrophe in the name of her phone eg Jane's iPhone