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Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

Does anyone else believe these are over hyped and not worth the time and effort, much less $$$?
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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

No, do not waste your hard earned money or time on the Arlo system. Buy a wired system instead. Their outdoor camera’s only last a few months at best. The motion sensors constantly stop working and you spend entirely too much time removing batteries, the camera from the system and rebooting everything. For example today one of my main camera’s only recorded 4 motion alarms out of the 40 it should have recorded. I know this because I have 2 camera’s on the same location. One recorded the 40 motion alarms, yet the other Arlo Pro 2 camera on the outside only record 4. Oh, and yes, you will need to place 2 camera’s at any important locations that you wish to monitor with the Arlo system. So you spend twice the money with less reliability.


You will spend more time fixing the Arlo system, it is an absolute waste of your time and money! I have owned this system for two years and am completely dissatisfied! This will be the last year that I use Arlo! I will be installing a wired system in the next few months.  Hope this helps you find a more reliable system than Arlo.........

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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

Currently Alro is experiencing a widespread service interruption. My cameras have been down for 48 hours.

Spend your money on a more reliable product.

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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

no they aren't.  I have 5 originals and I am constantly replacing bateries and about once a month I get a message:  


This Arlo device is offline Please make sure it is connected to the Internet. Visit  for help.   When it finally gets working, I have to resync ALL of my cameras (which I have to lug a ladder around the permieter of my house to access them, which takes about 2 hours), then it forces an update and the batteries die.  Then I get the message the next month and have to repeat.  

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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

I agree. The Arlo app on Android didn't work properly for months. Netgear started to cut corners, thinking that none of us would notice. As the competition is getting better, so is the choice of other cameras out there. My message is clear: stay away from Arlo and invest in some other system.
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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

So far my experience has been total garbage. One of the 2 cameras I purchased is dead on arrival out of the box and their tech support team refuses to offer any help even after calling 4 times.


I am perfectly glad to persuade as many people as possible to not buy into this Arlo system. I had high hopes before trying to install it due to problems I have with the Ring Doorbell system.

However, the problems with this Arlo system are FAR WORSE than anything I've experienced with the Ring products.

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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

..follow-up from my message from yesterday...


I had no problems for 2 years then they started this awful firmware updating on the base station.  Not to mention the whole interface is **bleep**.  In order to sync a camera, it "looks for firmware updates" for the base station every time you try to add a camera.  What should be a 10-minute task turns into a 2 hour CHORE every time I have to "resync" my cameras in order to link the base station after an update.


The cameras work fine, then an update is forced on us.  The base station goes offline and the cameras try to find the base station for 48 hours and the new batteries that I just installed at the end of March are now all I cycle power on and off on the base station, remove it from the app, "re-find" the base station, grab a ladder and set it up to access a camera, replace its batteries, start to resync the camera, wait for the f-ing software to "find new firmware" for several minutes, then go through the syncing process (blinking blue light, etc), wait for the camera to sync, point it in the right direction....then  get down from the ladder and access the next camera.  I have to go through the exact same process again with the f-ing "try to find new firmware for the base station" process because it took too long to "add the next camera" since I had to climb down the ladder, set up the ladder, etc....and repeat for all 5 of my cameras.   These things are a pain in the butt.


What kind of idiot designed that?  I swear to blood pressure just boils when I see the "cameras are offline".  Arlo support?  please, they are useless.

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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

I, too, am advising people to look elsewhere for security cameras.  Sync problems, viewing video hassles ... waste of money and customer service is a joke.  I'm stuck with four of them - spent over $500 all up.  What a waste. 

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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

Arlo is NOT worth the money.  Constantly offline, no manufacturing support either.  Someone from the forum may reply when you have questions but you can't talk to someone from mfg support when you need it.  A total waste of money!

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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

No, no, and no.

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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?



Will you get some degree of benefit from them: yes.


Are they worth the cost and headaches: no.


In several years of ownership, I'd wager that I haven't had 2 months of problem free operation from them.  I purchased 5 cams and station up front.  Good wifi at my property and really no other net issues wiht such chronic issues as this security cam system.  That said, it has served my purpose to a degree and took care of security concerns I have, but I'll 'never' consider any of these systems again if in the future I am in need of a system such as this again.   As they die, they won't be replaced . . . .

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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

No. These are the worst piece of garbage I've ever seen or used. We bought six cameras from Costco. First off they have this crappy recharge system that only lets you use the ONE charger you receive with THREE cameras. Don't think that like with every other mini-charge plug device you have you can use those cords. have to use their one cord and charger making charging a long task. But that's peanuts compared to the tech problems these poorly designed beasts bring to the table. Add another user?  Good luck! I added my wife and two of our cameras went down (they were in our condo three hours away) so we couldn't restart them for two weeks. Then all of a sudden I lose all access to the cameras. Troubleshoot? Good luck. The Arlo/Netgear customer service consists of message boards with genuises giving you their best guess on how to fix things. NO JOY or HELP from the friggin maufacturer. If you're thinking of buying these pieces of garbage beware. You're in for hours of headaches and heartache and out of a signifigant amount of cash for something that dowsn't work properly.


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Re: Arlo Cameras are they worth it?

Arlo Cameras are they worth it?    Well, that depends...


They will do things other systems won't do because you can put the anywhere within range without running wires and cutting into walls.

That said, be ready to constantly fiddle with them to keep them working. They will drop off the system and that means you have to go get them and re sync them with the base station. This is especially disconcerting when you are out of town and have no way to do it. Cameras seem to have a propensity to simply die completely which means you need to buy a new one if out of warranty. Battery expense is also an issue because they are a re-occurring cost. I have a total of 7 Arlo wire free, one Arlo Q and two base stations. Presently, after 3 years I only have 4 of the wire free cameras and one base station that still work. Tech service is only free for a short time, and then it becomes a pay service. So, if you have to have a wire free system they are worth it but be prepared for lots of aggravation.


Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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