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Arlo Cameras No Longer Send Notifications & Sound To My Samsung Phone

Since the latest Arlo app update I no longer receive notifications and sound on my Samsung J7 phone.  With some experimentation I did discover that if I enable "Allow Arlo to make and manage phone calls" it will work again.  My question is, why does Arlo need to make and manage phone calls on my phone?  The cameras are pretty useless if I don't receive alerts when someone or something is causing motion on my cameras.  I don't have that problem with my tablet.  I assume because it can't make phone calls.  But I don't have my tablet with me all the time.  I am hesitant to allow Arlo to make and manage phone calls on MY cell phone.  I see absolutely no reason why this would be necessary.  Anybody else having this problem?  Does anybody have any suggestions or know why I should Arlo this permission?

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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