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Arlo Camera cannot discover device potential fix - VPN ISSUE

Everytime I tried to connect my Camera, I ran into an issue where my phone could not find the Camera during the syncing/install process.  I would get stuck on the "Discovering Device" Screen.  I searched over dozens of articles and found a tiny note at the bottom of one that solved my problem.  Reposting the idea because it may help a lot of people out there and should be a top FAQ answer.

I use a Google Pixel phone, which automatically connects to Google's VPN.  While connected to the VPN, I could not setup these devices.  I had to go into my phone and turn the VPN off and I had everything setup within seconds!  Everyone with a Google Pixel or on a work VPN should be made aware during install.

Model: VMC3040S| Arlo Q Plus Security Camera with Audio | Ethernet | PoE
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