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steeler560 Apprentice
Netgear support for Arlo is nonexistent. I’ve given up. I paid to upgrade, then paid AGAIN to upgrade service. I was asked by tech support to send a screenshot of my credit card statement showing the additional upgrade charges. I did this TWICE. It is September 30, I first reported the issue in early July. No response, no fix...Netgear took my money and ran!

The concept of wireless security cameras in theory sounds great, however, the Arlo system has legitimate reliability issues. Even when running an additional router and base station., Arlo Pro 2 cameras just 8 feet away from the base station often suffer severe distortion, pixilation, frozen video, loss of audio and arbitrarily going offline.

I’ve invested close to $2,000 in my Arlo system for our home over the past two years due to a rash of recent break ins and I have absolutely no faith in the system. I figured Arlo would get better as time went on with firmware updates., instead they are going backwards.

Couple these issues with ZERO support and I would tell anyone looking for a home video security system to absolutely look at anything but Arlo!
Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi steeler560,


We have escalated your case and we are further investigating this issue.

briants6 Aspirant

I am trying to upgrade my plan beyond the free minutes trial as well and keep getting the same error message as these other users. "We cannot upgrade your plan at this time". Already have premier for other regular cameras, just need the mobile minutes plan upgraded.


Any one hear back from Netgear yet?



Guru jguerdat Guru

Are you referring to the Arlo Go? No other camera would need "mobile minutes."

fladak Tutor

I cannot upgrade  on-line..Makes the extra cameras I purchaed useless.

Dozens of other users have complained of the exact same problem for MONTHS!

Is Netgear going to fix this?   Ever?

Tedb914 Aspirant
Getting same message trying to renew my pro 2 vcr.
arlo 14016 we are sorry, we are unable to change your plan at this time. please try again now.
Anyone get a fix for this?
Michellehhb Aspirant

I have LOST my ARLO Premier Elite Subscription.  Starting during September.  Problem was resolved approx a month later and now it is reocurring.  I am unable to upgrade my plan.  Followed all of the Tech support instructions and still only have 5 camera online.  I had 16 and purchased additional camera and am unable to get the support requested.  I was on hold wiht Tech Support for 32 minutes and Sheryl anwered the phone I explained the problem and she hung up!!!   Is ARLIO going to FIX the problem???? I am on hold again.

The problem was resolved late Oct and is now reocurring.  HELP!!!  This is unexceptable.  I do not need to hear you are sorry>  FIX THE PROBLEM!  Why would i Buy or recommend Arlo if it can't provide the support requested and promised. 

Problem reported September 2018:I am experiencing the same issue.  I have the Arlo Smart Elite Plan which allows for 20 cameras.  I had 16 cameras working, but was unable to connect the additional four cameras.  I contacted customer support and was told we would have to downgrade to the basic plan and then update to the Smart Elite Plan since there had been a recent upgrade in the plan.  There was no problem downgrading to the Basic Plan.  But, during the upgrade process I continously rec'd the error code 14016 We are sorry. We are unable to change your plan at this time. In-the-mean time eleven of my camera stopped working and I was charged a $1 for each time I tried to upgrade the service plan back to the orginial plan (Arlo Smart Elite). I rec'd a Case # and told my case would be esculated to Level 2 support and I would receive a call within24-48 hrs.  I have been awaiting a call for 72 hrs now.  I contacted customer service today and was told there was a malware problem (China IP address).  For $149 they would clean it up.  This lead into a sales pitch; they could provide a two year security protection plan for my computer for only $946.00.  I am again on hold wiht Arlo trying to resolve this problem.  Can anyone provide assistance? 

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Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



It doesn't sound like you contacted Arlo Support, did you use the information here: Arlo Support Team


If so, please provide me with your case number and I will review and escalate your case as needed.



Luvair Aspirant
Issue here. Netgear charge my credit card, but still not allowing me to view video on camera. Tells me I’m maxed out with 5 cameras.

Held on for 90 minutes with level 1 - 20 mins, no go. 3 days awaiting level 2. Crickets.
JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @Luvair,


I have sent you a private message to gather more information from your case.

carsoncat Star


The Pro 2 cameras are under the paid CVR program and operate intermittently.  I won't even go into all the other problems I have had with the Arlo system.  Anyway, I called Arlo tech support in BF Egypt and talked to someone who said the solution to my problem was for me to have the Arlo "Payment Department" unsubscribe me from the plan and then immediately resubscribe me back.  The guy says he will connect me and I should hold on.  After 30 minutes I hung up and figured I would find a number and contact Arlo on my own.  Well, you can't do that.  There is only the one number I had previously called.  I told the guy in tech support that I saw there are newer Arlo cameras that just came out and I would have been interested if my cameras worked as advertised.  I told him I loved the Arlo ads that show a push notification with live video on the phone screen.  I can't get live video after a push notification without signing into the Arlo system.....and then whoever, or whatever triggered it is long gone.  He said everyone has to sign in when they get a push alert.  No one gets a live video without signing in.  Didn't look that way on the Arlo ads to me.  So I am screwed with no way to contact Arlo other than the people in BF Egypt.

jsmeyer Star
We are getting organized. Watch this post.
stackhsc Aspirant

i want to add cvr to my arlo pro2 setup but cant access it online to even try to subscribe. I am still at a loss as to why the system times out when viewing live. I have no need to record but need to occasionaly view live for extended periods.

Please remove the programing that causes live view to time out or fix it so i can subscribe to cvr to be able to use it that way.

Guru jguerdat Guru

Where do you live? See the FAQ here about where subscriptions are available. Only certain countries can have such options.

stackhsc Aspirant

i live in canada

JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @stackhsc,


Are you still having the problem with trying to subscribe with the latest Arlo app (version 2.7.0 on Android or iOS)?

gigigogo Initiate

I just got off the phone and was given the same BS, told it would be escalated. I have just invested in adding 5 more cameras to the first 5. Someone better figure this out.

jsmeyer Star
This degree of sketchy ness make we sorry that I choose Arlo because these same people have access to my camera videos. Security vendors should have a higher level of responsibility.