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Ranks, User Icons and Badges

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What are user ranks?

We here at Arlo want to provide an engaging and lively place for people who own and/or are interested in Arlo products to be able to learn, support, and share your experiences with your peers (and sometimes Arlo people).  User ranks are a fun element used to incentivize participation, reward quality posts and engagement, and establishes your reputation in the community. In short, your rank reflects your level of involvement in the Arlo Community. 


How can I rank up?

By contributing often and in meaningful ways, you can progress further through the rank structure and unlock additional account privileges. While we can't speak to the specific criteria needed to achieve a higher rank, we can say it's a combination of frequency and quality that adjusts as the ranks get higher.


As the community evolves, we will continually look for ways to make it better and easier to enjoy the peer to peer experience.  Our latest ranking implementation uses a "Masters" theme:


rank structure.jpg

You may also see additional icons next to some users name or an icon in lieu of one of the ranks above such as Arlo Employee, Superuser, etc.



Badges are a fun way for your contributions to be recognized on  the Arlo Community. We have implemented the first set of badges, and more will be implemented very soon!


How do I earn badges?

Certain activities such as starting and responding to threads, giving kudos, and posting solutions will earn you a badge. Badges are automatically awarded when you reach the specified threshold for that badge. We also have some special surprise badges that you will be able to earn, some automatically, and some awarded based on specific activities.


How do I know which badges I and other members have?

To see what badges you have earned, navigate to your profile by clicking on your login name, and choosing Profile. You will see a section named Badges. To see all of your badges , click "See All".  Each badge shows the date received, as well as how many others have earned that badge. To see more information on each badge, hover of the badge icon.


You can see other users' badges by clicking on their username to bring up their profile. They will have the same Badges section.

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