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Kudos & Accepted Solutions

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Votes or Kudos are a way to show appreciation to others for a helpful or kind post, or a great idea. Kudos can be given on most threads and posts in the community including the idea exchange, and community suggestions boards.


To give a kudos:


  1. Look for the kudos icon at the bottom of the post.
  2. Click on the + sign. The count of Kudos given will increase, reflecting the change. 


Remember: If any of the replies you received resolves your issue, it's always a good idea to show your appreciation to the helper and inform the community that a solution on this issue is available by marking it as an accepted solution. For more information on Accepted Solutions see the Accepted Solutions section below. 


How do I see how many kudos I have? 

You can see your kudos total count in your profile under statistics. You can also see a list of which users gave you kudos. 


What are Accepted Solutions?

The Accepted Solutions feature allows you to mark the reply that best answers a question you've posted. This not only shows thanks to the person who posted it, but also helps other users know that this is the solution that may help them as well.  Marking a topic as solved makes it easier for other Community members to locate valuable content and answers without having to read through an entire topic.


Once a solution has been marked as accepted, a green checkmark will show up next to that thread on boards, as well as in the search results. It will also float that solution to the top, so others don't need to read through pages of posts to find the solution.


To mark a message as a solution:

Click Solution on the reply.


Note: If you change your mind or if another reply provides an even better answer, you can revoke the first selection and accept the second reply.


To revoke an accepted solution:

  1. Click Options.
  2. Click "Unmark as Accepted Solution".
  3. You can then choose another solution or leave the question unsolved.
Discussion stats
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