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Community Basics-Subscriptions, Bookmarks, RSS Feeds

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Bookmarks enable you to list community content (boards, articles, ideas, topics, or individual posts) on a special page so you can easily find it again.


To bookmark a piece of content:

  1. Go to the item you want to bookmark.
  2. To bookmark a topic page, choose  Topic Options > Bookmark
  3. To bookmark a specific post, go to the post, click the Settings icon and choose Bookmark


To view and manage your bookmarks:

  1. Go to My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications.
  2. Click My Bookmarks.
  3. You can click a bookmark to go to the item.

To delete a bookmark, click the check box for the bookmark and click Bookmark Options > Delete Selected Bookmarks. You can also delete the bookmark on the page or post by choosing Remove From My Bookmarks.



Subscriptions allow you to get email updates whenever new content appears in an area of the community that you're interested in. You can subscribe to a board, an idea exchange, or any other location in the community. You can also subscribe to a specific post.


To subscribe a piece of content:


Navigate to the board you want to subscribe to.

Click Subscribe

Note: Some "boards" are actually labels, and some filters are simply views and not actual boards. In these cases, these cannot be subscribed to. If you do not see the Subscribe button, subscriptions are not available for the current view you are on.


To view and manage your subscriptions:


Go to My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications.

Click My Subscriptions to see a list of the items you've subscribed to.

You can click a subscription to go to the item.

To delete a subscription, click the check box for the subscription and click Email Subscription Options > Delete Selected Subscriptions.


RSS Feeds

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It is a way for you to get the latest content from this community, along with many other sites that you visit, all in one place. With an RSS feed reader, you subscribe to web sites, and those sites feed you headlines so you can stay up to date.


To use RSS, you need a feed reader, such as Google Reader, MyYahoo, or the Live Bookmarks feature of Firefox. There are many free options. After you have your feed reader set up, you can find RSS feeds in the community by going to a board, blog, thread, or message and selecting Subscribe to RSS Feed from the options menu. There you will see a preview of the feed. Most RSS readers give you a button to click at this point. After you click it, the RSS feed appears in your reader as well as new content from that section of the community whenever it becomes available

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