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If this is your first time in our community, you have come to the right place to learn how the Forum works! First things first…categories, products, and boards, oh my!


Our site is structured so that you can search, or drill down by categories, products, and boards to find what you're looking for. There are also several helpful widgets to find what you are looking for.


Let's start with the basics:


Browse by Topic

Browse by topic allows you to browse by a topic not specifically tied to a product. This will take you to that topic for all Arlo products.


You can then further filter by product in the filter widget on the left-rail.


Browse by Product

You can choose your product first and then drill-down into the topics related only to that product.



You can then filter further by using the filter widget on the left-rail. The filter will change based on where you are on the site. The current option you have chosen will be shown in bold with an X next to it. To remove the filter, simply click the x next to the option.


Getting back to the main page

You can always return to the main page by clicking on "Community Home" in the Hot Links widget on the left-rail of the page, or by clicking on Arlo Smart Home Security in the breadcrumbs. To return to the Forum main page, click  Arlo Forum Discussions in the breadcrumbs at the top.


Searching for an answer

You can also search for an answer to find what you are looking for as there's a good chance the question has already been asked.


Search box

You can use the search box by typing in a phrase and clicking the magnifying glass, or hitting Enter on your keyboard.

Discussion stats
  • 0 Replies
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