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Arlo iOS app not reporting motion via push notifications and not recording incidents to the cloud ah

Good afternoon all!
I checked the mode section in my Arlo app and it is 'armed' and I took it a step further and created a 'custom' mode which records on motion.
The Arlo Ultra base station is about 12 feet from the camera only.  The camera, doorbell and door chime and show the max wifi signal on the app.
But a lot of time what seems to happen is the Arlo system locks up.  What I mean by that is when there is motion in the areas identified to receive alerts.  As is someone is dropping a package right on my front steps and the camera is only 2 feet away from the door.  I receive no push notifications from the Arlo app and it never records the incident to the cloud.
I have the most up to date Arlo app software version, I have the most up to date base station, camera, door bell and door chime software as well.
I have 100mb down and 100 mb up Verizon FIOS internet and no issues with internet speed in the house.
It is a dual channel wifi with 2.4 and 5ghz.
Can I assume correctly the Ultra base station is using 2.4 ghz from what I have read online?  I even logged into my FIOS router and saw for the wifi channels that #6 was the best and it already had that one selected.
Force closing the app or restarting the iPhone does not fix it.
What i have to do is restart the base station from the Arlo app to get the push notifications back and recording to the cloud to resume.  But the restart of the base station and the system working again will only last 4-6 hours until I have to reboot again.

Additionally, I sometimes (30%) receive Arlo app push notifications that state 'motion detected' but it does not record though.  It only seems to record when it recognizes (smart) a person, a vehicle, etc. is this normal to not record every incident?

After everything works for 4 to 6 hours then it stops working (described above) I have to reboot the base station via the app to getting working normal again. This has been my average for my 4 days of ownership thus far.
thank you!!!!!!
Model: VMS5140 | Arlo Ultra 1 Camera Kit
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Re: Arlo iOS app not reporting motion via push notifications and not recording incidents to the clou

I have a similar issue with my notifcations i have an iphons xs max, are you still having issues? Sometimes it will work ok and then like before walk past it and nothing, sometimes it will record in my recordings but no alert to say motion detected
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