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Re: My device shows up 2 times under geo

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Ive been having the badge notification bug for a year or so.
(Cant clear badges, they keep increasing).

So I decided to test something out Ive read from the community. To invite another account (myself with different email), login to that account and then log back to main account and it would clear.

When I click profile app crashes. Have iphone 8 with latest ios and latest arlo app. (Tested profile on friends arlo accounts and they crash aswell)

So In order to logout I had to use forget password and change it.

Coming back to the app I get choice to logout or login (weird choices but hey, arlow software is funny sometimes). I choose logout.

Then login with the invited account. Then in order to get logged out I have to use forget password for this account aswell.

Then I can login to my main account again.

I know geo devices are very buggy to (we end users cant clear the list for old devices) so I went in there and noticed my device was listed twice with the same name. So I unchecked one of them and clicked save. That made both of them unmarked. So they are listed twice but are the same.

Went into phone settings and changes the name of my phone.

Went back to geo devices and now I see ome device with my new phone name and another with the old name. So I uncheck the old name/device and save. Did not work. Still botg devices get unmarked in the list.

I make sure they are unmarked, and that the settings are not set to geo but active instead.

I go into privacy settings on the phone and turn off geo for arlo.

I delete the app.

I reninstall the app.

I am not promoted to login after fresh install. I get logged in auto.

I go into settings, turn on push, turn on geo again and still two devices are listed in the geo settings with different names but are infact the same device. Cant uncheck one of them and save since this still unmarks both.

So thats what I get for logging into another account on the same device. A mess.

How come I did not have to login to the app after a fresh install?

How can I clear the device list and start over on my current phone?

How can I clear the badge icons that just keeps increasing (yes, quickly going into library cleara them until next alert and then back to about 2000 badges).

Also, I have 5 or 6 cameras. They dont come cheap. Also a smart subscriber. But these problems With software annoys me alot.
Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support




I have tried the support path but no luck. Even gave the support team the password (it was a temporary one) so they could see what I am seeing. Granted this was a few years ago, when Arlo was under Netgear.  


Should I attempt it again?


I have contacted support and support / Arlo want to charge me if I want support from them since Ive had Arlo for longer than 90day free support. Its a joke. I will most likely remove one camera, sell it, cancel my smart subscription and then when its time for new cameras start looking for another provider with more stable software. Some of these bugs have been around for years.


I will post my feedback from Arlo. I did upgrade my system this month, so I have support. I too filed a support request last night. 

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator



I see you have created a case #41413663, please keep me informed & I will be here to help. 

In that ticket support zoomed into only one issue, that profile crashing the app, and did adress the other problems at all.
Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @Linusl


I have opened a case for you. Customer Support will be reaching out to you as soon as possible. I have provided the case number for your reference: 41416300


Heres my experience with that support ticket 41416300

Got a phonecall from support. After a very nice conversation they sent me instruction for how to clear the device list under geo (the same device that is listed twice).

In short, delete device/base, reset device, add base and add cameras.

Unmounted all cameras. Brought them inside.
Unshared all shared cameras.
Deleted/removed device/base.
Reset device and after reset I unplugged and plugged it back to power.
App was totally empty.
Added base, added cameras.
Went into geo and it was reset so had to add location/home again.
Once done I see 3 devices. My 2 devices (that are the same device) and my wifes.

All that for nothing.

Also, trying to give this information to Arlo support they used no_reply adress so cant reply in the email.

Going to support page I see Live chat available now. I click and fill out form (6 fields to be able to continue), when Im done I see Chat not available. 

Go to create a new ticket. Add information about this asking Arlo support to never give this suggestion to any other user/subscriber since all you are left with is the same problem but everything is more or less reset. Have to do new schedule, new actions, add to smart sub etc etc. When I click to send this info to create a new ticket I get "Page unavailable due to server issue". 

Im a bit annoyed.


I also would like to add that I was emailed a support survey and the first step in that, choosing if support service was fair, excellent and so on works, step 2 are just 2 blank/empty fields. So even the survey is broken.