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Google Home Grouping Lights - error

My lights work great with google home (voice, hub, phone app, etc) but they dont play nice with others.


For example - My backyard has several security lights + smart light swithes. If I ask google to turn on all backyard lights, it will only turn on the smart switches, and return an error.


Also - My front yard only has two security lights. When I ask google (again) to turn all lights on OR off, it will come with an error.


However, the lights do come on / off when I call them out individual. Any advise

Model: ALS1101 | Arlo Security Light
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Re: Google Home Grouping Lights - error



The development team is investigating this issue. We'll provide an update as soon as we know more.



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Re: Google Home Grouping Lights - error


I can reconfirm - they don’t turn on when grouped.

Also, it would be great to get an IFTTT to turn all lights on, or be able to group lights together as activity’s.

Basically copy the My Leviton App. I have 15 switches group together and can do a bunch of cool things... must I can’t switch 2 or 6 Arlo lights on or off at the same time?

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Re: Google Home Grouping Lights - error

FYI google assistant typically response...

“That mode isn’t available for X lights”

X depends on home many lights are grouped together.. my case three. (1) smart light switch and three Arlo lights
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Re: Google Home Grouping Lights - error

Any update on the investigation?

Have you guys actually linked multiple lights to a google hub? Pretty straight forward.... I’m sure I’m not the only one with lights on a hub having this problem...
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