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Upgraded Arlo Q Cameras

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I wanted to ask this question to simply get out to the community and start the conversation. I have had Arlo Q's for a while and until recently still considered them some of the best camears that Arlo had to offer. Yes they weren't completely wireless like the Arlo Wirefree and the Arlo Pro's, but they exceeded the video resolution of all but the best arlo wireless cameras until about a year ago with the Arlo Ultra and led the way with features. The Arlo Ultra though was clearly a defining step forward in specs.


I wanted to ask if this community has the appetite for a Arlo Q 2K or Arlo Q 4k camera. Personally I know that i would love the idea of a battery free Arlo Q like camera with better resolution and most of the features of the new Wireless cameras. The only features that wouldn't translate well from the wireless Ultra and  Pro 3 would probably be the Siren and the spotlight.


My feeling is that this may be a bit of a pipe dream as I think Arlo wants everything to be attached to a base, but i do think these cameras fill a need. Mainly the one for those that need a more robust network connection for their cameras with lets say a mesh system and the reliability of always being plugged into power right from the start.


So what are your thoughts

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@Mavrrick wrote:

I wanted to ask if this community has the appetite for a Arlo Q 2K or Arlo Q 4k camera.

Personally I'd like to see them offer 2K and 4K PoE models - also outdoor PoE models.


I'd expect them to run at higher bandwidths than wireless cameras, and to have pixel-base motion detection with activity zones built in.  Perhaps use pixel-based motion exclusively, and not use PMR.


Another variant would be if they offered powerline networking (built into the camera and the base).  There are places where I have outdoor power, but not cat-6.