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Re: Streaming live is with a delay of 1 or 2 min

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I've purchased the Arlo Q in addition to my regular arlo pack.

I've wanted to use the Arlo Q as a monitor for my new puppies.

I've made everything okay and it works, but when I want to watch it livestream in my office, same building different floor, on my ipad, there is a huge delay in live feed.

It's almost 1 or 2 minutes delay, is there anything I can do to make this go away? Cause in that timeframe something bad can happen.

I have a wifi connection the fastest one and an extender in 5 meters from the camera.

On the second floor there is also an extender for the same network.

When I look either same floor or different floor, no change. 

Also the Arlo app keeps quitting on me. I use it at night to keep an eye on the little ones and (there's no consistency, sometimes after an halfhour, sometimes one hour or more or less) when i wake up, my ipad is sleeping, so the app quits by itself.

thx in advance for your advice 


Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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While some delay is expected, 1-2 minutes is not normal behavior. Do you get the same behavior when streaming from a different device (laptop/pc) or does this only occur when using the ipad?



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What is the "expected delay" that you mention? it's about 7 seconds for me.


I was also wondering why I can't get a more direct feed when I'm in the house or hooked on the same wifi router.

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When a live stream is initiated the camera must communicate with the Arlo cloud. This results in a slight delay. While some environmental conditions play a part in this delay (poor internet speeds, poor WiFi signal strength etc.), 7 seconds is about average.



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I have a brand new camera and did a firmware update and I'm also seeing a 1mi tie plus delay on live stream. Unfortunately, this is the Arlo Baby and is a baby monitor so a 1minute delay on video stream is completely unacceptable!!! If anyone knows what's going on, please let me know.
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Try resetting the Baby by removing it from your app and resync.
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Are you streaming on a mobile device connected to mobile data or your home WiFi? Do you see the same behavior regardless of being connected to mobile data or WiFi?