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Re: Can't check camera status with new update

pdefeo Initiate

I completely agree!

sethm1 Apprentice

Bring back the grid look & camera/battery status!!

JerryR Luminary

While I agree in general, I'm not as impressed with my Ring Doorbell, original version. Ring has replaced my doorbell three times now over several years due to various failure modes. While their customer service has always been fantastic and the replacements are free, the hardware itself isn't terribly reliable. 


I also have a on-going issue where my Ring faces the street. I cannot get it stop triggering on cars driving by, so, I have those alerts turned off.


Maybe newer versions are more reliable and work better.

dcmccarthy Star

Couldnt agree more!

Something as simple in Ring, as choosing an alert tone, is impossible in the Arlo app on iOS. It's almost 2019, with a 2010 bug. To work around it I had to use the email-to-text funcdtion of my phone ( with an email notification going to that address which arrives a text, so I can at least separate emails from Arlo alerts. Luckly I don't get an abundance of text messages overnight. Disgraceful. I'm ready to buy a Lorex setup from Costco.

achawaii Initiate
Anyone having problems with the new Arlo Pro update? I have it on my iPhone and every time I stream it live to check my house it won’t turn off the live view unless I turn off my iPhone and restart it. Also it will not update the last time I viewed my camera live. The time shows from the motion before. Don’t know if this makes sense or not.
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JoeCymru Virtuoso

Not sure about iOS but on Android to stop the live view I need to tap the view in the middle, then tap it again to bring up the stop button icon, then tap the button to kill the view. If you do not do this, the view time will not record.

Pumpkinpie1 Initiate

I am having the same problem as most, Not sure why arlo updated The cameras format, indicators of battery level is not showing me if the battery is low or full on my Android cell phone. I have 3 dots that I have to look at to go into either Timeline or device setting to preveiw the status of the camera. When I look at the screen to view my property it will not shut off after I try to exit out. I have to do this several times there is no pause button . The Alarm, Voice, Recording and camera are all transparent which my house is white makes it is hard to see. I have a bubble which shows a number if there is any activity. It is more of problem to quickly view the cameras. I was going add another Camera and was looking into the Motion detection lights. I am not going to go further to purchase any of Arlo products, I have the Camera a few months I was very happy I told many friends how great the product was how easy everything was to view the cameras. I would love to get my money back. I hope you will fix the issue very soon thanks for listening

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JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



Brightness can be adjusted from Settings > My Devices > Select the desired device > Video Settings > Brightness



Geoff Luminary

If it ain't broke.................................................let the IT department loose and mess it up completely!!


(No responses from Arlo then?)

MemphisRiverRat Guide

My new updated 2.6.0 app does the same thing when I open the Devices page - a battery indicator pops up for a few seconds for all the cameras and then dissapears. Every time the battery indicator pops up it is the yellow "low battery" icon although all cameras are well above low status. Maybe it is a bug and it should be giving some kind of battery low status on the Devices page. At least I hope so. If not then this update has not one single enhancement and has only decreased the functionality of the app.


I'll reiterate what everyone else has said that burying the device status icons two levels makes no sense at all.

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Poolzer Initiate

So you are READING these at least, can you give us any indication if our voices have been heard??
Mark2d Initiate

I agree with most of the groundswell of opinions about the bad design/UI in this latest update.

I do like the new logo icon.

I don't have the live video problem on my iPhone Xs max or iPad pro.

I have 5 cameras, and the new scrolling camera view is silly and awkward on the iPad.

The one other problem I haven't heard anyone complain about is this: I noticed that when I play a video that has been recorded to the library, it now always plays with an overlay on full screen, obscuring parts of the video. This is bad. I am usually looking for clues in the video and any overlay of info should disapear after a second... so I can see the entire video clearly! I already know all the info that is covering up the video. I'm the one who clicked on it!

Please try to fix these problems soon. 

Thank you!

paddos Apprentice
Concerned as users if we continue to suggest this or that should be fixed, Arlo will assume they can just rework 2.6.0.

My view the update is such a disaster that trying to fix this disaster by using the same team that created the disaster will be impossible.

Believe Arlo should back up to 2.5.5 and focus only on the bug fixes. Leave all the functionality/UI/U. as it was which for any user is for superior to the dumbed down, hard to navigate version they thought was an improvement.

A failure of this magnitude needs to be trashed not reworked!!!!!
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kseton Tutor

Seeing all of the similar negative-the responses on the new Layout change in the ARLO App for the system, I'm apparently not alone, but does anyone have any response from the ARLO team on the unsuable Layout change and having an option for the old layout or a set of layouts? The web-interface camera Layout is still the same. With a monthly service fee being charged and 10 Camera-investment I'd hate to have to cancel my ARLO service and sell my gear.

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AncientGeek Hero

Paddos:  I suspect a rollback would be considered problematic by Arlo due to the inclusion of support for new products in 2.6.0.  It was foolish of Arlo development/product management to overload 2.6.0 with both new product support and a major rewrite of the UI. That limited their options and put them in a bind since to roll back the UI changes they have to give up support for their new products.  NOT Good.

paddos Apprentice
Agree that a roll back would have to integrate the new product adds plus bug fixes like geofencing.

Just have little to no confidence this team can unravel the "hairball" they have created with the huge UI/UX changes without stepping back to what really worked well. You just have to wonder who is really in charge. These type of screw-ups just should not happen and Arlo has figured out how to do this at least once a quarter!!
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No3puttz Tutor

Re JamesC’s responses ...


As Andy Dufresne said to the Warden ... “How can you be so obtuse?”


williadw1955 Star

I agree... 

Some things I have noticed about the new Arlo Android App...


1) Live view takes forever and a day to load, compared to the old version.


2) I used to be able to see the battery status of every camera from the main screen, now I cannot. I have to go to the setting for each camera to see which one of ther batteries I have to replace. No problem if I am only changing one, but

very handy if I have multiple camera battery changes.



The older version worked just fine......

Daved13 Aspirant
I agree. The new app should at the very least show the battery levels. Prefer the old view!!
Davhd Star

Arlo - We go months with a battery issue which is finally resolved and this is our thanks.  We could not wait a few weeks before breaking the user interface.  Possibly one of the worst interface designs I have seen in a recent memory.  Please focus on what is broken and leave the items not identified as issues by your customer base alone.

JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey @daveritchieaz,


Could you clarify what is not working on the iPad?

ToastyFlake Apprentice

I’m not OP, but I can’t view live video from my iPad Pro or my iPhone XS Max.  Maybe it’s an iOS 12 problem.  Also, the new format really sucks on iPad as the previous view let you see all of your cameras one one screen and you could see the status and select any camera you wanted from that screen. Now you have to scroll and scroll to see or select the camera. 

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daveritchieaz Initiate

wont let you see live video ....

Tuffcookie Guide

I discovered this also.  I liked being able to view all 3 of my cameras at the same time, on my I-Pad.  I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t care for this new update!

Happypoms2 Star

I will wait to turn off auto upgrade until they fix it.  I did turn it off on my computer.  That app is like the old one and works fine.  Thanks for the info.


After re-reading my posts, I  am sorry that I wasn't clear.  I meant to say that since the update, none of the cameras can record, take pictures or have sound on "Live" only.  In fact, it doesn't even connect, but shows an older picture.  It does record on motion and/or sound like normal (which is not "Live;" it is a recording).   And these pictures are fine.  It just doesn't work at all on "Live" view.


Arlo, please tell us what you are going to do about this?  You are forcing people to be very negative about your product.  And as I said earlier, I am telling my sister to not buy the Arlo even though I recommended these cameras earlier.  But not after the update.  If you fix it soon, I may change my mind and recommend it again.  But as a new customer, I am very surprised at the lack of response from your company to all the complaints and not offering any solutions.  You are going to cost your company a lot of money as the word spreads about your app.  Why should people buy a good product that has an app that makes it somewhat useless.  Again-PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO TO FIX THIS.