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iOS App Update - why change the layout?

Zariley Aspirant
The push notifications have not worked in Forever. it notifies me several minutes after motion has been detected. That's useless. Now the November 21st update, it gives you several notifications well after motion and it does not allow you to change the tone... I have tried everything including rebooting the modem, signing out and back in, still can I change the notification tone to what my ears have been trained to.
Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
stuckpipe Tutor

While trying to delete a series of videos in the library the new app 2.6.2 still crashes and I have to log back on each time. I did add two more of my cameras to the system, still have I now off line to see if stability improves.

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@Pootle78 wrote:
Glad to see the icons have been reinstated, but appears i’m not the only one noticing that the icon color/level isn’t consistent with the actual battery % remaining.
Can Arlo please provide a detailed description of how the new icon is supposed to work, i.e. what % levels trigger change in color to yellow, then red?
For example, I have one camera with battery at 23%, but icon on main screen is still black and shaded to around half full.

There is a simple solution to the battery icon and that is to have the percentage displayed right away when you launch the app.

The Development team is too stubborn to do that. It still requires users two taps to see the percentage. 

Pootle78 Star
So, Arlo, are we going to have to wait another 4 weeks for an update?
Also, why close the previous thread on this topic, as clearly this latest release wasn’t fully tested across all devices and your customers are still complaining.
btkeenan Aspirant
I’ve got the same issue with mine saying I don’t have permission to add smart notifications for the cameras I am paying for smart for (photo attached). This worked last week but for some reason now does not. Please help arlo as I am paying per month on these cameras but am unable to even use this functionality.
Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
eddyj Guide

I am also having issues with the static view when I open the app. Mind you, I am very happy they have returned some of the lost functionality, but seeing a snapshot of the last recordings is still needed. It sometimes refreshes, sometimes not. I opened the app earlier today and saw snapshots from 2 days ago. Came here to update the old (closed) thread, found this one, read it, and then I checked the app again for something, and now the snapshots are all current. So it is better than the last release (when it never updates), but still broken.


So Arlo, thanks for the fixes, but you still have work to do to get to where you were before.

eddyj Guide

And in the "not broken but horrible design decision", still having to click on the three dots and then on "Device Options" to get to the settings, instead of just having a gear icon there is horribly bad UI design and not fixed. Maybe they plan to have other options there in the future, but for now, this is not good practice. I would be killed by my users if I did something like that. As it is, whoever made this desicion needs to go back to UI/UX school.

fastengine Initiate

I am happy that Arlo listened to its customers after changing the Apple App that removed icons from the home page of each camera. They have changed the format and made using the Apple App much more user friendly.  Thank You.

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera