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arlo smart premier

I have placed a complaint regarding why I'm being billed for Arlo Smart Premier service (Case# 40632617) for inaccurate billing.  I have complained that I should be billed $9.99 for service and have been charged $10.69.  The rep I spoke with agreed that I should be billed $9.99 and would issue a credit for the overpayment for all the months I have charged wrong.  I have not received the credit and now for the month of December and January I was charged $10.84.  

I wish to have this issue remedied and am requesting a refund of overpayment effective immediately and the account to be updated to bill the correct amount of $9.99 for the monthly service.



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Re: arlo smart premier

Possibly sales tax?
Did they send you an invoice?
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Re: arlo smart premier

No invoice, no nothing.  

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