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Signal Strength Icons Correct Interpretation.

I have Arlo Pro with 5 cameras. I am having trouble getting adiquate signal strength living in a concrete home in the woods (lots of obsticals, concrete, re-bar, lathing, large trees, shed all between the base station and cameras..The furthest camera is only 160' away)

In the Icons in the Arlo PC .app> Device View> Signal Strength Icon: It may be an Amber, Grey, Black dot only... the strength may be Grey or Black.... there may be 1, 2, 3 Bars.

I would like to know for sure and accurate whech each of these mean so I can intelegently adjust and tweek for a good solution  I have probibly a possible answer to some... but I dont want to "ASSUME" (Easy simple things in this modern era is complicated Smiley Happy Your assistance please.


Pethetic Bob


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Re: Signal Strength Icons Correct Interpretation.

300 ft range is max but is with clear line of sight... no walls, object,etc

Some houses just don't allow good wifi signal due to construction type.


The more bars on the wifi icon , the stronger the reception... check the signal from the LIVE View /Device page... you can see with browser at


If you can not get a good signal ( 2 two bars ) you can centrally locate the base so all cameras get a good signal.

This can be done with a wife extender ( that has an etherent port )


 you can add more bases ( no limit on the number of bases in any account ).  Adding bases are the only real way to expand your coverage area

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Re: Signal Strength Icons Correct Interpretation.

YES.... I have all of those problems and obsticals

I think I am good with the physical pitfalls wit my structure and enviroment

Is theWiFi Extender easy to add on to the existing system?

Will look on for details..... Thanks.


My most basic simpilist portion still needs assured clarification

In the Arlo PC App> Device View> Signal Strength Icon (What for sure what does these spicifacly mean:

1 Amber Dot Bar   ???

1 Grey Dot Bar       ???

1 Black Dot Bar      ???

I prusume the 1/4 Black circles are amount of signal strength... 1 (Minimum) ,2 (Average),3 (Best/Strongest)




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