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Robbed & Erased Video

I was home and in my house and was being robbed as I watched the videos on my phone. Called the police but by the time they got here they were erased!!!!! They had got my password and gave there selves admin rights and deleted all the evidence. Then changed the password locking me out of my account while they got away. This security system is a joke!!!! It should not be that easy to verify and access. This was more costly than you can imagine.

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Robbed & Erased Video

My first question would be .. How did they know/get your email and password. ??

then have the time to clear all and change pw? ..doesn't sound normal.


Like all good security, a good strong  password is very important , along with not writing it down by the computers ( very common thing people do ) and/or auto log in

Morse is faster than texting!
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Robbed & Erased Video

Just curious: did you remember to hit the record button while watching it live? If not you would have not gotten anything anyway. Nothing to erase if you did not simultaneously record while watching live. Live and motion detection do not work in tandem on a camera, with live overriding motion detection and taking manual initiation to preserve the event.

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