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Re: Possible change to free 7 day storage

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ArloC Tutor

Ah. Despite having auto updates turned on on my iPhone, just found a buried nag to upate to iOS 12.1.2. Maybe that is my problem.

ArloC Tutor

Updated iOS and reinstalled the Arlo app. Same result: Only one camera is going into the Library. The others can be watched live, but are not saved. I will just pay for the lowest level of cloud storage. Given that the Basic subscription is a legacy feature that never generated any revenue by itself and is no longer offered, it will break every once in a while as Arlo's software is updated over the years. 

Guru jguerdat Guru

And you're sure a filter isn't set in the library?

pameldredge Aspirant
My entire library is gone and any new recordings can't be viewed. I rebooted the system but no change. I will be very, very upset if the rolling 7 day video storage is gone. One article mentions a USB. I don't know what to think. I'm upset and sad.
ArloC Tutor

Never used the "Filter" feature. Found the feature and it says "any."

Why are there no comments here from Arlo?

cramercc Star
Same issues with basic subscriptions. Multiple properties with 5 or fewer cameras. Still getting triggered recordings but unable to record manually. Their tactic seems to be to diminish functionality of free subscription. I also have property with 10 cameras on premiere subscription. Functions on that account remain the same; however, they are pushing the purchase of additional security functions which are not needed to view wildlife.
Robfrg Aspirant

Thought this thread might be of interest to this group as it's had a (very quick) response from Netgear on exactly this topic.