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Is the iPhone 5 finally unusable with Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera?

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After the previous, relatively recent efforts to keep Arlo running with earlier iPhones, I assumed that Arlo would continue to do so. With the latest update, however, I am completely locked out of my cameras without even a warning from Arlo that they would no longer support the iPhone 5. I can't even access my cameras on my Windows PC. I see recordings, but I am unable to open a live feed. I just get a "Please wait... ", then "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again".


If it was only a matter of buying a new phone, that would be relatively easy, but the newer iPhones (and iTunes) will not work on my rather old PC and laptops. I'm now faced with having to purchase 3 new devices to get the Arlo camera system to work.


My Arlo cameras never really worked properly anyway. It seems that Arlo forgot to mention on the box that their camera systems wouldn't work with the typical internet speeds found in Australia (prior to the recent introduction of the NBN system).


Hope there is a cheaper solution forthcoming.


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Hi Qavion,


Your iOS device must be able to run iOS 11 or later in order to have the Arlo app working. You can read more about this here: Required update for iOS Arlo mobile app versions 2.15 / Android Arlo mobile app version 2.15 .