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How to install Arlo Pro base station

Hi, I have been given an Arlo Pro and am trying to set it up. When I plug in the base station via Ethernet and search for the network on my phone and try and connect it asks for a password. How do I find out what the network password is to allow me to connect my device to the app Inhave downloaded? Have seen som chats saying you do not need a password but it is asking me for one before I can connect to my Arlo App on my phone. Thanks

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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How to install Arlo Pro base station

Hi @Johnd007


Has the base station been removed from the previous owners account? this will need to be done before you can claim the device. If so, have you followed the in app instructions on how to add the new base station/cameras?

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