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Betreff: When will Arlo update the app next

Mick12 Guide
My case updates to support go unanswered. My emails go unanswered on this issue.

They tell me it’s working when I chat but nothing is ever resolved. They do not acknowledge any problem.

Rrocket Aspirant

I can only repeat what I posted earlier....

This Company is so Beyond the Pale...So utterly BAD !

It's like there is Nobody that strives for excellence.

They just don't seem to Care.

Never mind the Geofencing issues,

Let Us also remember they have Never adequately addressed "Notifications" for iPhone users

We are All Hopelessly Hoping That Somebody Gives a  !#%*


lotust25 Tutor

im NEVER PAYING 99$ for a year again ARLO/Netgear screw you.  

edit: as a mater of fact im going to dispute the charge on my CC... I have Arlo Smart to NOT detect vehicles and it still does... NEVER worked once 

azarloGuy Apprentice
Yup you summed it up correctly. What makes this so bad is all we get are canned replies that are copied and pasted. That’s IF we get a reply and then it’s usually only after hundreds have complained about the same thing. No updates on what’s happening and no updates when they HOPE to have a fix. I’m sure if pressed they’d say something like we are a public company so we have to watch what we say? My reply to that is “ You are a public company and you should watch what you DO!” Your actions or lack of actions speak much louder than your words. It’s the words your customers are saying that you should worry about.

Maybe if we start to communicate with the retailers. Not just via just reviews but finding out who the purchasing managers are or those people influential in shelf space in their stores or warehouses maybe we can get them to start leaning on Arlo. Also doesn’t Apple have some standards in regards to their applications actually working correctly? Maybe some feedback directly to Apple? If enough noise is made maybe it will get noticed? Now I don’t wish Arlo any I’ll will but I do want them to clean up their act and fire, yes fire the incompetent developers/ Product managers / support managers and any other people who are so utterly incompetent. Not holding my breath.
BillMcI Guide

OK guys and gals. I had the exact same problem, as I have reported on other geo-fencing threads. I had iPhone 6s, my wife had iPhone 5s. Mostly, geo-fencing worked well, subject to a few short term hiccups. Then my wife upgraded her 5S to IOS13 and the problems started. What I didn't know at the times was that IOS13 was a kind of fix for the older iPhone5 series. I had an iPhone 6S (the main device) and the latest version of IOS for it was 12.


To cut a long story short, we replaced the 5S with a 7, not because of Arlo, we hadn't twigged at that time, but because it was getting slower and the battery needed charging more often than before. Lo and behold, after 20 minutes or so the new phone became visible to geo-fencing and things returned to normal. Sure as hell, I ain't a techie but funnily I had a feeling the 7 would work with Arlo, probably because in my non-techie mind I thought an older phone on IOS13 was odd when my later version was still on IOS12 and up to date!


Don't know if that will help everyone but it did it for me!

AlexWetten Aspirant

Given the lack of response here, I have set myself the task of leaving one review per day and giving Arlo the one star it deserves. I will do my best to warn other users against purchasing a defective product.


In Australia, the consumer advocate CHOICE is currently recommending this shonky product! If you can spare 5 minutes, please help with leaving a review about the experience you have had to make CHOICE aware of the issues that users have had. You can leave a review here:


Here are some other sites that you can leave reviews about the product.


Product review:


Apple (for the app):

Google Play:


On the Apple Store, Arlo currently has >4 stars - this clearly needs to change!

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jpottaway Apprentice
As mentioned previously I suspect the App Store at least is being manipulated. Most of the reviews (in the AU store at least) with comment are 1 star. And any with 5 star say thing like “Great app” comments. A common click farm marker. It is also a rename of the app entry from when Netgear ran it and collected early good will. Apple don’t show recent version rating as a standalone anymore sadly.
Schomberg Aspirant

Can we please get an update as to the Geofencing issues that have been ongoing for months. The alarms do not arm unless you go into the app manually. Very frustrating & I can't see that this is even being looked at.


Arlo, please provide a credible update on progress with this fault

ndoab Initiate

Hi guys

I had raised a case about this 6 days ago and had to chase them up today. I spoke with an arlo rep and was asked to try the following:


- Set the Mode on Armed
- Log out from the account
- Go to phone settings
- Go to location setting and choose Arlo
- Set the location to never on arlo app
- Restart the phone
- After phone reboots go back to your phone setting
- Then go to location settings switch back the location for the Arlo app to Always
- log in to the account
- Switch mode from Armed to Geofencing


I am working away for the next week. Is anyone able to give this a crack and see if it works.


ChuckDoherty Aspirant

I followed those steps as outlined, and upon logging in to the app after reboot and switching to Geofencing, it went immediately to Away mode even though I was home at the time.  Some time later it finally detected me and went to home mode.  I'll give this a try, and very much appreciate the info, but have lost any confidence that I once had that this company is either capable or willing to resolve this problem. 


AncientGeek Hero

@ChuckDoherty wrote:

I followed those steps as outlined, and upon logging in to the app after reboot and switching to Geofencing, it went immediately to Away mode even though I was home at the time.  Some time later it finally detected me and went to home mode.  I'll give this a try, and very much appreciate the info, but have lost any confidence that I once had that this company is either capable or willing to resolve this problem. 


I didn’t put much stock in this one.  It sounded too much like the usual “try this” ...  hmmm. “now try this”... or as I once said...”sacrifice a chicken at midnight under a full moon”.  Likely a similar amount of research into the actual root cause involved in the recommendations.

ctclues Initiate

Same issue as everyone else.. I have two iPhones connected (mine SE and wife's 7) both phones have to physically log into the app to arm or disarm Geofencing.  Yesterday we were out and system thought we were home and failed to capture people on my property. It was just a bunch of kids playing but made me wonder what if...  This have been an ongoing problem for several weeks.


If a company does not remedy a known bug within a reasonable amount of time could it be considered  a "negligent breach" of providing a significant promised service (like turning your system on when you leave your Geofencing zone)? 

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
ChuckDoherty Aspirant

I completely agree, and would think that their negligence must open the door to some sort of legal recourse for those of us who purchased the system with that specific promised functionality in mind. 

lotust25 Tutor

FOR GOD SAKE ARLO/NETGEAR please listen...  I so wish I went with a Hardwired system.  This system is now pOOP on a stick.   

BillMcI Guide

Well, my working geo-fencing didn't last long. Today, Arlo reckoned my wife was constantly in zone when in fact she was out with friends, way outside the geo-fence area. I was actually out of zone also, but the system didn't arm. This is a new problem for me - when I have problems, it's usually that Arlo doesn't "see" her phone so had it constantly out of zone and the system armed. There seems to be a big problem with the stability of geo-fencing and it is telling that no one of any authority is commenting upon the issue on Arlo Community. It's as if we are just talking to ourselves. 


I have done an occasional review or two on Amazon UK. Recently, I was asked to review Arlo cameras. As much as I love the system when it works, I had to be honest and recommend that if geo-fencing was important to a user then they should not buy until the currently uncertainty about, and apparent lack of  stability around, geo-fencing is fixed. Some potential customers are likely to come on here to see existing user experience and will note the level of problem and silence from Arlo management. I guess they will form an impression.........


Given all this, I wonder how the new European "partnership" between Arlo and Verisure will get on. My understanding is that Verisure likes to develop a subscription model generating a stream of recurring revenues from its hardware. If so, then we can expect pressure from Verisure to take up recurring revenue services to increase the value of revenue per unit. They better get geo-fencing fixed first or they might be in for a shock.

SwissRich Aspirant

I can confirm I have been having the exact same issue since iOS13/the-netgear-split. 


It *feels* like the background app refresh isn't happening, or switching off after a while beecause I'm not watcing it.


(I have location - always, Background App Refresh - On, Mobile Data - On) iPhone SE 13.2.3

BillMcI Guide

Every day's an adventure with Arlo geo-fencing.


Yesterday, my wife's phone was showing "in zone" when we were both out so the system wouldn't arm. Today, we are both in, both showing "in zone" and the system has set itself to Armed. So I get notification after notification. Simply, then, yesterday we were out but the system treated us as in. Today, we are in and the system treats us as out!


My set up is quite simple. I have 3 Arlo Cameras and 2 Arlo Pros I use Geo-fencing mode (when it works). When at least 1 phone is "in zone" the system should set to Outdoor Cameras (a self-defined mode) and only external cameras arm. When both phones are "out of zone" the entire system should Arm. This worked pretty well for a long time - now it is very unstable. I have had the system for almost a year.


I was asked on Amazon to provide more information so here it is.


I have an iPhone 6S and my wife an iPhone 7, both on v 13.2.3, both have location services set to Always for Arlo.


My Arlo firmware is all up to date and is as follows


Base Station - v1.14.1.2_2916_1fdeefd

Arlo - 1.3.319

Pro -


I hope that Verisure knows what it's getting into.

bat7105 Aspirant
Mine is doing the same thing since the update. Arlo please fix this or it’s useless.
NickBracknell Aspirant

So since updating to Apple IOS 13.3 running App version 2.11.1(1679) from 19th November the geofencing only works if the App is open and running on a device. The app is set to allow location use "allways" and background app refresh is on. This appears to be another issue where Arlo have not stayed up to date with Apple controls on access to location data. Anyone know when the next App update is due as 19 Nov is the most current I can find and it seems poor of Arlo not to stay more up to date. Other apps get regular updates but Arlo seems to fail to update and correct issues in a timely fashion.

marijoo Aspirant
Geofencing. Just. Does. Not. Work.

Arlo – are you serious?
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jnrm Initiate
I need help. I’m about to just scrap the $500 I spent on ARLO and go invest in Blink cameras from amazon. I have for the better part of a year, had numerous problems with geofencing. My UNIQUE situation is I have 4 cameras, one base station, 2 iPhones running current ios and the new updated ARLO app. I am primary and my wife’s phone is the second user. Any of the following has occurred: it doesn’t recognize either of us are gone and stays in disarmed mode. Or, it doesn’t recognize us home and stays in alarm mode. Most frequently what has occurred is that it doesn’t alarm till we open the app. Then it recognizes we are gone.
I have tried to delete my wife and add her back, I’ve tried resetting my location on the geofencing map and I’ve tried resetting my address. All to no avail. I’ve called ARLO and can never get ahold of an actual employee only a company overseas who really isn’t well verse on the system. Of course he tells me my case is resolved when it never was. I’m beyond frustrated because now I have deleted my wife and only use my phone and it still doesn’t recognize my phones location. All my settings are accurate so I can’t understand this. I’ve even tried 3rd party apps (SmartThings) to help with geofencing since theirs WORKS but all it does is turn off and on the cameras, not activate it.
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Roooney Aspirant
Bought this product recently, couldnt figure out why geofencing wasnt working properly, tried everything i could come up with.
Went to google and found this, how is this acceptable, this is a massive security flaw. I am returning my products
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Stunew78 Apprentice

Good choice.


Arlo are muppets.

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One_pirate Initiate

Geofencing will only work with my iPhones unless the app is actively open. If the app is closed it will not work even if the location in settings is set to always. Tried restarting the hub, restarting the phones. As soon as the app is active it will show away when you are away or home when you are home.

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Whatarussh Star

Here is a response I received from Arlo Customer service on December 9th: A promise to fix "most of the issues" within 10-20 days.  


Good Day!

We would like to provide you an update regarding the ongoing issue for the Geofencing feature.

As per our Engineering Team, we will have a new IOS version that will resolve most issues in Geofencing. It should be released within 10-20 days and we will provide more updates the soonest. 


Thank you!

Best Regards,


Hyazenth Balajadia

Customer Care Advocate

T: 833-898-6988

2200 Faraday Ave. #150

Carlsbad, CA 92008

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station