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Double notifications from app

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Just fixed my wife’s Samsung S6 without a factory reset. She was receiving four times Arlo notifications. Here’s how: go to settings, backup and reset, turn off automatic restore, uninstall Arlo app, reinstall Arlo app, turn automatic restore back on, then test. Hope this works for you.

This worked for me.
Neo-Ind Aspirant

This step worked for me! Thank you!

  • Uninstall the Arlo app
  • Go into Android "Settings", then "Cloud and Accounts", then "Backup and restore"
  • Down on the bottom there’s a toggle that’s says "Automatic restore", toggle that off
  • Next, tap on "Google Account" (in the same menu)
  • And at the top there’s a toggle that says, "Back up to Google Drive", toggle that off
  • It will give you a warning that you are about to delete your backup, "Confirm and delete"
  • Go back to the last screen
  • If you have a Samsung phone and are using a Samsung account for backup, turn that off and delete as well
  • Reboot the Phone
  • Sign into the phone and reinstall the Arlo app
  • Launch the Arlo app, sign in, go to settings, notifications, choose your notification tone, back out and then close the Arlo app
  • Go into Android "Settings", then "Cloud and Accounts", then "Backup and restore", turn back on Automatic Restore, your Google back up, and your Samsung backup (if needed)
  • Test your Arlo notification sound, hopefully you only have one sound now
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