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I had an issue the other day where I had to sign into the app over and over. Support reccomended uninstall and reinstall the app. That fixed the sign in issue... now everytime the app makes a notification I get it twice. Its plays the notification sound twice, vibrates twice, and shows 2 notifications in the pull down for one event.... I have a Samsung S8 Android.
@Paul_FCCL Virtuoso

Just fixed my wife’s Samsung S6 without a factory reset. She was receiving four times Arlo notifications. Here’s how: go to settings, backup and reset, turn off automatic restore, uninstall Arlo app, reinstall Arlo app, turn automatic restore back on, then test. Hope this works for you.

This worked for me.

This step worked for me! Thank you!

  • Uninstall the Arlo app
  • Go into Android "Settings", then "Cloud and Accounts", then "Backup and restore"
  • Down on the bottom there’s a toggle that’s says "Automatic restore", toggle that off
  • Next, tap on "Google Account" (in the same menu)
  • And at the top there’s a toggle that says, "Back up to Google Drive", toggle that off
  • It will give you a warning that you are about to delete your backup, "Confirm and delete"
  • Go back to the last screen
  • If you have a Samsung phone and are using a Samsung account for backup, turn that off and delete as well
  • Reboot the Phone
  • Sign into the phone and reinstall the Arlo app
  • Launch the Arlo app, sign in, go to settings, notifications, choose your notification tone, back out and then close the Arlo app
  • Go into Android "Settings", then "Cloud and Accounts", then "Backup and restore", turn back on Automatic Restore, your Google back up, and your Samsung backup (if needed)
  • Test your Arlo notification sound, hopefully you only have one sound now