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Re: Direct Storage Access - Works but still recording to cloud too

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Not sure the best place to post this, but I originally bought the VMS4230 2 camera kit a while back.  I just bought the VMB5000 hub to get the direct storage access feature (and to avoid the cloud) and setup my two Pro cameras to work with it.  Direct Storage Access seems to work fine, but my videos are still getting recorded in the cloud as well.  Is there a way to avoid this?  Is it because I am using the older Pro cameras?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Model: VMB5000 | Arlo Ultra SmartHub
Guru jguerdat Guru

Arlo is cloud-based and will always record to the cloud as long as an Internet connection is available. The local recordings are seen as a backup mechanism. You can disconnect the Ethernet cable from the base and still record locally but, of course, you will have no way to monitor/configure the system nor access the local recordings without removing (unsafely) the drive.

shoustonnz Luminary
"The local recordings are seen as a backup"

All my cloud recordings are at least 2 to 4 seconds shorter than what is recorded on the USB.

So if cloud is the master, then it's not very good is it.

I have a 4000r3 and can not easily access an accurate record.
Before you say "contact support" , I have, before Christmas.
Still not fixed.