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Arlo pro battery life

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Since the update our iPad Pros do not stream live at all. I have complained and complained about this issue. I was promised it was being looked into. But nothing. Our whole camera system is set up on iPad pros. They haven’t worked for weeks. I have rang and gone to support but nothing done. I have had so many problems with our Arlo Pro System right from the start. Poor quality. Motion sensors. Won’t charge. Then solar panels were rejected by the system and wouldn’t charge. Update issues. System drops out. The recording with the motion sensors are very delayed.   We have spent over $2000 on this and it’s very poor. Then to get poor customer service as well. This last update was the last straw.   On my iPad Pro in landscape won’t work on live. Even on portrait it does not work correctly. The viewing screen are full screen. But none of the cameras work. I am so over all the issues I have had with ARLO. nothing but problems. It will probably never get fixed. This update 2.6.0 has destroyed the camera system. Don’t wast your money buying Arlo. Full of bugs and other issues. I have tried everything to fix it such us deleting the app about 20 times. Tried all the settings. Even tried to find the old app to re install it. Nothing.

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Hey @JohnRem,


I have sent you a PM to gather more information from you.


Still nothing. It has been weeks and absolutely nothing has been done for our system to be fixed. DO NOT BUY ARLO. there is NO support. They don’t careless.  Consumer affairs is the only way to go.