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Arlo Pro rechargable battery won't charge - flashes from 54% the 0% then back to 54% etc.

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My Arlo Pro cameras have been working very well for the past 3 months, but one of my Arlo Pro's batteries is not recharging correctly.


Problem:  When trying to charge, it charged up to around 54%, then keeps flashing back and forth saying it is at 0%, then back to 54%.  It has been charging for about 5 hours, and hasn't gone up any further.  It sometimes disconnects completely, so I have to pull the battery out and reset the camera back online.  


I narrowed it down that the problem is the Battery.  I tried swapping a new camera, and the Problem battery, and got the same results.

I tried using the Problem camera with a different battery, and the battery charged fine.  


Anyone else have this issue? 

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Hardware problems can only be solved by opening a case with support using the Contact Support link at the bottom here.