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I have a Arlo Pro Base station which has 2 Arlo Pro cameras and 1 Arlo Pro 2 camera. It has never given me any issues with charging before in the year that I've owned it but the last time I tried to charge the Arlo Pro 2 camera it gave an error "A charging fault has been detected. Unplug and reconnect the charger from the camera side of the plug. If this error message persists, see KB article for Charging Faults".


I have tried the following, all to no avail

- Taken the battery out of camera for 30 seconds and replaced

- Rebooted the Arlo Base

- Used 2 different kinds of Arlo adapters and cables on the same camera as well as on one of the other Arlo Pro cameras but the same issue happened


Because this issue has happened with 2 different cameras using 2 different charger adapters and cables I can't imagine both cameras would be faulty or both chargers would be faulty. 


Please can anyone assist as this is an expensive issue to go wrong. I don't have any firmware updates available for either the base or any of the cameras and I last successfully charged the camera a few months ago.


@StephenB Hi, Ian also getting this msg on all 3 of my cameras.

Very frustrating considering the cost

I had 2 cameras in the same area, facing opposite sides. I connected both to the same extension cord but two different chargers. Camera A was giving me the problem with the message, camera B was fine. I swapped the camera location to discard that the camera was bad. But now that camera A is plugged into camera B’s charger. It is working fine. And now camera B is giving me the error message. This means it has something to do with the charger or cord. I will be getting my new cord tomorrow and will test this again

Charger faults started for me with latest software update


i can get a charger fault displayed on my iPad but not on iphone


ive even had a camera showing disconnected on iPad, but switch to iPhone camera fine. Reinstalled all software and updates on iPad still u/s


im definitely suspecting software is the cause of charger faults, all been fine for months, now charging faults displayed on 2 cameras iPad only


wish arlo would test these updates properly before rolling out


the way i fix it all the time is very annoying. I had to take it down from the account and re-add the camera back to the account which is very annoying. Another thing i found out that it only happens when it rains outside. It only effects the camera which has a power cord and a battery installed at the same time. I noticed that it does not happen to a camera which is on the power adapter only.  Do you notice the same thing.


Same experience for me.  Just the past few months I've received the charging fault on two of my cameras.  One cleared by magic finally.  The other is not responding to anything - took out battery and re-inserted, changed charger cords, removed and reinstalled.  Camera is working because it will display still but battery is at 1%.  So it's not the camera.  Tried to connect via Live Chat and they say no one's available.  Others are correct - poor technical support Arlo!!  This isn't operator error, it's most likely something caused, as others have indicated, by a Arlo update that messed up the charging capability.  Fix please Arlo.  Otherwise, the honeymoon is over and I'll be leaving you for another.