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Arlo Pro Base Station VMB4000 Disarming Itself Automatically (Old Topic I know)

I know this is relatively old news, but a while back (8 months or so) I experienced some events where my Arlo Pro Base Station seemingly went from the normal 'Armed' mode to 'Disarmed. Important: No schedule was involved. Please note: I have received disputing comments from tech support. One person recently stated this scenario was impossible. Not to sound overly mysterious or paranoid, but if this is true this would of course mean that ultimately someone had to be behind the disarming of my system. So I'm a little confused. Other people have also stated that this has happened to them, the exact same basic arming (minus the schedule) and then disarming. So... was this a genuine bug in the system as per this previous thread: Excerpt - JSaadi: "I have one custom mode, but the problem occurs even if I use the default "armed" mode. I am not using schedule. I restarted and it apread to have solved, but after a while it changed mode again to "disarm" Or is it impossible for the Arlo to seemingly arbitrarily disarm itself from the standard 'Armed' mode.
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