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Re: Arlo Pro 2-Way Audio Just Does NOT Work!

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Using Apple iPhone 10 as the speaker.
Arlo Pro purchased from Costco.
Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera

Two-way audio is still hit or miss for me as well, mostly a miss. It doesn't matter if I am using the latest iPhone app or my Windows laptop. 


1. When I speak using the iPhone microphone while outside of my home network, the camera receives it less than 10% of the time.


2. When I use the iPhone microphone outside of my home network, I won't be able to hear the cameras microphone until I pause/play the camera.


3. When I speak using the iPhone microphone while inside my home network, the camera receives it more than 90% of the time but the quality degrades very quickly then drops off completely.


4. I've never been able to use my Windows laptop to send audio to the camera but I can hear audio from the camera.


I use one of my Arlo cams to keep an eye on a newly adopted dog while at work during the day. The results are the same whether I am using the wif-fi connection at work or the cell connection. When the microphone feature does work on the iPhone app, I can use the camera to trigger Alexa on an Amazon Echo device in my house; example: "Alexa, bark like a dog" or "Alexa, meow like a cat" which can be very entertaining when Arlo is working right.