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I'm really fedup of waiting for something to happen around the 2-way communication on the Arlo Pro?! This function just does not work - full stop! I've owned my 5-cam Arlo Pro system for around 7 months now, and up to today I could not get it to work on iPhone (all IOS versions), Android (6.0, 7.0 and 8.0) and your web interface.


The biggest issue is with the commnication TO the camera. Its TOTALLY inconsitent and unrealiable. Mostly its broken communication that reaches the cam (less than 50% of the messages reaches the cam) and the rest of the time theres NO communication, just silence. Nowadays I see when you press the Mic button to speak, theres a big delay before the button turns purple - whats that all about?


I'm really fed-up that I had to pay so much for this system and the functionality just does not work. And don't tell me theres an issue with my cams, I have 5 of them and ALL of them does the same thing.


Please fix this function on your system. I paid a lot of money for this system and I expect it to work! Otherwise, please don't advertise that your system can do it!




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Using Apple iPhone 10 as the speaker.
Arlo Pro purchased from Costco.

Two-way audio is still hit or miss for me as well, mostly a miss. It doesn't matter if I am using the latest iPhone app or my Windows laptop. 


1. When I speak using the iPhone microphone while outside of my home network, the camera receives it less than 10% of the time.


2. When I use the iPhone microphone outside of my home network, I won't be able to hear the cameras microphone until I pause/play the camera.


3. When I speak using the iPhone microphone while inside my home network, the camera receives it more than 90% of the time but the quality degrades very quickly then drops off completely.


4. I've never been able to use my Windows laptop to send audio to the camera but I can hear audio from the camera.


I use one of my Arlo cams to keep an eye on a newly adopted dog while at work during the day. The results are the same whether I am using the wif-fi connection at work or the cell connection. When the microphone feature does work on the iPhone app, I can use the camera to trigger Alexa on an Amazon Echo device in my house; example: "Alexa, bark like a dog" or "Alexa, meow like a cat" which can be very entertaining when Arlo is working right.