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Re: Arlo app update-push notifications and schedule not working

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Ibe121 Aspirant

I've tried creating the schedule from scratch but still ran into the issue that, for some reason, my system wouldn't switch when the evening came.  For my schedule, the mode is supposed to switch from a custom day time mode to a custom evening mode at 9pm.  While the day time mode always works fine, come 9pm, the system would disarm.  And as some users pointed out, when i check the mode in the app, it would show an analog clock, followed by no text.  Normally, it'd show the analog clock (signifying it was on schedule mode) followed by the name of the mode it was in based on the schedule.


In order to get my system to work, I created the schedule online (rather than through the iOS app) and i put a 1 minute gap between transition times.  So my daytime mode ends at 8:59pm and my evening mode starts at 9:01pm.  And, i haven't touched the "mode" section since (either online or in the app) and it seems to be working fine.


However, like other users have noted, the lag between motion sense and recording seems to have increased.  I have a camera set up on a backyard fense and would usually catch cats at night walking along the fence.  While i still get the notification, there's no more cats visible on the camera.  Assuming the cats are still triggering the camera, the recording is no longer activated quickly enough to catch them.  All i see is a few seconds of my backyard.

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Mickeywi Aspirant
Has this issue been resolved? I have been trying for 2 months to support to acknowledge this is a problem. I have a worthless $1000 system. I can only use armed mode. No custom schedules.
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CiaranT Aspirant

After the most recent firmware upgrade to the base station - upgrading it to the schedule function is no longer working correctly for me i.e. its disarmed when it should be armed and vice versa etc


Im appalled that this issue has been persisting for several months without a fix. I spoke to arlo support agents on the phone and their ignorance on this matter was dumbfounding. The issue they say has been esclated to an engineer but this will not yield any results.


Like many users the system that cost me over $1000 is now effectively useless. 


@Arlo - acknowledge this issue and fix it asap - send me the firmware in beta. The previous firmware was fine, i wish you didnt force this on me


I expect a reply promptly to this message

JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

The most recent firmware/app releases have contained various fixes for users experiencing schedule issues. Be sure you have the most recent version of the Arlo mobile app installed from the app store. If you're still experiencing an issue, I encourage you to please contact the Arlo Support Team for further investigation.