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Re: Apple mobile devices losing access to videos

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Long time Arlo Pro user here along with the Arlo mobile apps for my iPhone and iPad. I recently noticed that after checking/watching video clips on both my iPhone and iPad devices that the videos are no longer accessable after looking at them once. In other words, if I open up a camera to views video clips it works fine but as soon as I close out the camera I'm not able to go back and view the clips agian until a new one appears. It's not deleting the video clips, it's just not showing them available anymore.


When I use the normal Arlo web site from my computer to view the video clips they still work properly, no issues with going back and reviewing past clips. Obviously something with the Apple app. Has anyone noticed this or come up with a fix? Sort of expected this to be a common issue seeing that so many of us use the Apple app.



Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera


When you click on the number under the camera in the device view, the app will filter the library to only that camera. There is a little message with an X in it and if you click on the X it will remove the filter and you will be able to see all of your videos again.




Thanks. Long story short, both my iPhone and iPad needed the latest Apple software update and after up downloading it they both went back to displaying my Arlo video's correctly. The Arlo display page is also slightly different too. Not sure why an Apple update would do that.