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Need New Reliable AC Power Adapter for Arlo Pro/2

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Jan 22, 2019 (USA)

Arlo you absolutely must disable your "program" that supposedly recognizes the use of a non Arlo Pro/2  charging device, BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!  :  "(!) Incompatible charger has been detected.  Connect a compatible Arlo charger.  For more info, see KB article for Charging Faults. [OK, got it]" keeps popping up on all my cameras that actually have the ARLO PRO/2  outdoor weatherproof AC power adapter!  It's an ARLO PRO/2  product and it's coming up with this notice.  When the notice is there the camera is NOT RECORDING!  And besides that it shouldn't matter if it is or is not an Arlo Pro/2  product because the way these batteries last you absolutely have to have these cameras plugged in to power with the battery for backup if the power goes out…..This "incompatible" notice is just another flaw that Arlo Pro/2  should be able to fix EASILY for their customer with an simple update to allow us to be able to continually use these cameras without worrying about charging the batteries.  These are Arlo Pro/2 rechargeable batteries that only last a year if you're lucky, and this is why we need to be able to plug them in for continuous reliable power.  Now if only the cameras and the system were reliable, we'd be making some progress.  Every day it is something…..every…..single……and not just once a day, several times a day.  There is no sure answer, and when they put that something is "Solved", don't bet on it.  And another thing ARLO PRO/2 , make the Arlo Pro/2  ac adapter longer than 8 feet please, that is a ridiculous length for an outdoor power cable when most people don't have outlets right where they want to put the cameras.  Think Arlo Pro/2 , think! Use your products outside of the lab.  But i'm sure this won't happen now that you've brought out the "ultra".

Send an  update Arlo Pro/2  that removes your inaccurate discovery program for non Arlo adapters, because it is incorrect, and it can't seem to detect the difference anyway, and the camera is failing to work, until you hit [okay got it]


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