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Latest app update breaks filters

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dfjkl Apprentice
Curious as to what is supposedly fixed in the newly released version. ALL of the issues here still exist.
HazzMatt Apprentice
I've had a ticket open on the broken filter issue since December. Arlo will occasionally send me a message asking if I still have the problem but won't say, even when I ask, what they've done to correct the issue. After multiple rounds like this, Arlo sent me a message asking me to contact them. There are many people on this board that have the same issue. The only "fix" I'm aware of is the clever posts by a few that say rolling back to a prior Android app version, before broken versions came out. Of all the issues I've had with Arlo, this seems to be one of only two issues Arlo hasn't corrected. I hate the added frustration of Arlo not answering direct questions when so many have reported the same thing.
peebs Guide

@jam436 wrote:

..and if you look through the Arlo Pro 3 and higher threads, you won't see these problems.
This recent -explosion- of problems seems to be limited only to the older Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 systems, you know, the only systems left that offer a week's worth of free cloud storage for up to 5 cameras.
Starting with the Arlo Pro 3 systems, a paid subscription is now necessary.

Apparently since breaking off from Netgear in Jan. 2019, the new managers have decided to squeeze owners of these older systems out - by intentionally sabotaging their own systems.
There seems to be no other explanation for this sudden deluge of issues, all cropping up in just the last couple of months, many of which are rendering these systems nearly unusable. Is this by design? I believe it is.
The new owners no longer wish to honor the original free subscription agreement written by Netgear.

I think you may have hit the nail on the head with this. I used to have Vuezone cameras until Netgear tossed them in the trash to push their expensive Arlo cameras. So like the fool that I am, I bought $500 worth of Arlo Pro cameras and now it seems the folks at Arlo may be trashing the Arlo Pro and Pro 2 cameras (with their supposed "free" subscriptions"), in favor of the Arlo 3 cameras which require a subscription.


I wouldn't put it past a terrible company like Arlo to plan by design the trashing of Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 app, so they can get everyone to buy Arlo 3 cameras (ca-ching!).


However, I also believe the developers at Arlo are incompetent. They have no problem breaking the Arlo app with each new "upgrade." Truly sad.


I DO NOT recommend anyone buy Arlo products. Terrible company, terrible product.

HazzMatt Apprentice
Of the two issues I'm having now, one (broken filters) is seemingly limited to the Android App, nothing to do with the cameras itself. Mine are the Ultras. I do agree with much of what you said though. I do see that Arlo pushed out a new Android App 2 days ago, but the release notes that describe what the fixes were, make no mention of the library filtering issue. Therefore I'm reluctant to try it. I did roll back to an older version which restored the proper filtering, but I might be missing out on newer features. Oh Well...
Jdat Aspirant
Has anyone had a problem in the Arlo app where the videos only get marked the first time you go into view the recordings on one camera? If I go to subsequent cameras the recordings stay unviewed. I have to close the app and come back in to view for the next one to show viewed. Is this a known bug in the app?
ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hello Community,


The Arlo Development Team is working on this issue. I will provide an update as soon as possible. 

HazzMatt Apprentice
Hello, did they just start working on this issue? I've had a help ticket open on this since December. Arlo continues to send me emails asking if I'm still experiencing the issue but they never say if they're doing anything to fix it. The last time they sent me that same question, they suggested I call them to discuss - despite the numerous others that have also reported the same problem since December.
Doxiedoglover Tutor
Arlo fixing this long standing issue would restore our faith. I am still using 3rd party app with restore to previous version and it works flawlessly.
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